Bradley Geoghagan
Founder and Seventh generation craftsman. Making heirlooms for the future, one piece at a time.

Welcome to Geoghagan Woodwork.
As seen in Southern Living and Southern Lady

There was a time when people bought furniture from the craftsman who made them. Today that way of doing things has been replaced by a multinational distribution system with no personal interaction. I hope that I can change that experience for you.

  There is something to be said about the joy of finding that tree that fell in the woods to pulling one from the river bottom. Then, cutting it to plank form and being completely surprised everytime at the beauty of the grain and color. Finally, waiting for that right project where this unique tree’s bounty can be displayed for everyone to see, touch, gather around for the Holidays and enjoy.
In building furniture this way, your designed piece can truly become one of your family's cherished heirlooms which began with you. Following in the footsteps of my Father and Grandfather's before me gives a purpose and great passion for what I do. I pride myself in building wood creations with a quality that will last lifetimes.
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Find us on Facebook
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